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Hybrid Therapist Podcast

Feb 23, 2020

Today we welcome Shona Vertue who is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and the founder and owner of the Vertue Method which is practised in over 60 countries. We discuss Shona's life & career, the difference between flexibility and mobility, why Shona started lifting weights, why women should strength train,...

Feb 23, 2020

Today we intro and preview season 3, review the first 2 seasons, discuss ACL ruptures in women's sport and much more. 


Dec 16, 2019

Today we discuss our name change and goal of bringing therapists together, diagnosis, the art of Physio & S+C coaching, we bust a few myths, discuss the biased and BS documentary 'The Game Changers', climate change and much more. 

Dec 7, 2019

Today we welcome Bronte Campbell who is a two time Olympian, Olympic gold medalist, 5 time long course World Championship gold medalist and 5 time Commonwealth Games gold medalist. We discuss her career, funding for swimming, her injuries, training load, emergency Uncle Tobys snacks, sprinters body composition, doping...

Nov 24, 2019

Today we welcome Dr. Greg Lehman who is a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, lecturer, assistant professor, teacher and strength & conditioning specialist. We discuss lumbar flexion, disc bulges & herniations, pain education, if manual therapy is necessary, the lower crossed syndrome myth, if posture matters and much...